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Fireside Financial Company Information
Fireside Financial Company Information

Fireside Financial, LLC is a dynamic private equity firm established in 2008 by Michael J. Bailey, a veteran real estate manager with more than 20 years experience in commercial real estate investing, development and asset management. Mr. Bailey gained this experience by forging and maintaining critical partnerships with key affiliates, investors and third-party service providers. We target value-add, theme-based real estate investments in the midwestern region of the U.S. Our focus is on investment opportunities within multi-family housing, undervalued residential properties and self-storage facilities.

As an established real estate investor, Fireside Financial utilizes a disciplined process to generate superior risk-adjusted returns with a proven track record across market cycles. Strategically, Fireside focuses on our core competency of providing equity capital to its established network of operating partners, and Fireside will seek to underwrite and structure the transactions around risk with the intent to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Historically, Fireside has preferred to invest with what we believe are experienced, proven operating partners who have both the local connections required to source high-quality, off-market transactions and the necessary speed and intensive on-the-ground, day-to-day management of value-added projects.

Investment Strategy
Fireside is targeting the smaller markets within the midwestern geographic region. Within these smaller markets, Fireside can effectively uncover transactions in the following ways:

          • Local presence through operating partners
          • Relationships with operating partners and third-party contacts
          • Clearly defined and consistent strategy
          • Proven ability to react and close quickly

Fireside is operating at a time where smaller transactions rule the market, the focus is on cash-on-cash yields, and local operators are best qualified to act quickly on favorable opportunities.

Our investment strategy involves a theme-based approach that situates us to be a notable force in equity capital investors by seeking out characteristics such as counter-cyclical, strong fundamentals and those which would benefit from a portfolio approach. The investment process is intrinsically tied to a complex method of knowledge, research, timing, legal aspects and reaction time. Unlike the larger, broader focused equity investors, we’re able to target viable, the smaller midwestern markets with a veteran marketplace evaluation approach.